Sourdough Starter and Sourdough Bread

I can’t believe I never did this earlier, I didn’t have a bread maker, correct mat, know how to knead etc etc… There was numerous reasons it simply went in the too hard basket. It’s only by chance on my continuous educational journey that I came across this bread that uses a natural fermentation process. It is fermented with wild yeast in the air instead of the packaged yeast you can buy from the shops. The step step to making your Sourdough bread is creating your Sourdough starter, sounds difficult…that couldn’t be further from the truth.

How to make your Sourdough Starter

First Day

Find a jar, that isn’t airtight. I used a glass Jar with a plastic-based lid that we had used to store pasta in. This allows the starter to stay protected without being completely airtight.
Simply add to the Jar 50g of plain flour
50ml of water
Two large tablespoons of Greek yoghurt.
Place the lid loosely on the jar and leave somewhere warm NOT HOT warm overnight.
Day 2

Tip – always use a clean spoon, to prevent contamination of your yeast that can result in you killing it….Not good
add 100g Flour
add 100g of Water
Pour in together and mix well
Re-cover and put back where you had it, Simple right…
Day 3

Exciting you can actually use your starter today to make bread if you choose.

Remove 200g of your starter (either to make your first bread or just discard)
Add 100g Flour
Add 100ml of Water
Stir in, place the lid loosely back on and return to its warm place. Not a bad life being a starter he he
Day 4

Can you believe it gets simpler still

Just repeat the removal of 200g of Starter
Add 100g Flour
Add 100ml of water
Stir in
Return to its warm spot
Around day 10 your starter should be active though it could take a further few days. Appartently you will see bubbles and froth, I’m only on day 5 or 6 so ill let you know how we go. It will also start to double in size. This means you no longer need to add yeast to your mixture as your starter is active and ready to perform. Put your starter in the fridge now and now your not so little starter only needs feeding twice a week.

Making your Sourdough bread

200g of Starter (add 1/4 teaspoon of commercial yeast if your starter isn’t active)
375g Plain Flour
275ml Water
Mix together, add a teaspoon of salt if desired
Cover with clingfilm
Place somewhere warm for at least 9 hours ideally overnight

Add mixture using a plastic spatula to scrape out into a loaf tin.
Tip – coat the tin in oil then flour to create a non stick effect
Place in a preheated oven 200c
Bake for 45 minutes, it should be crusty on top and hollow when you knock at the bottom.

Place it on a wire rack to cool for 30minutes
We enjoy ours with butter,eggs, and normally some raw carrots
Its that simple….



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