You won’t know the benefits of change unless you change….

On my journey to learning about food and how eating certain foods is and will affect mine and my families health i’ve read books, attended talks and joined groups with  people that are also on the same journey. It’s a minefield of contradictions a little like when you have your first child and every man and their dog has another great way of advising you what to do. You take it all in and implement the strategies that work for yourself and your family and live to see another day a little bit more educated and a lot more confused!!

I have currently joined a group called Small steps to Whole Foods run by Lisa Corduff. It consists of lots of individuals at varying stages of their journey’s looking at ways to make themselves and their families healthier. I would recommend it as a great source of information and a forum to ask questions and get advice. At the end of the day were all different but no matter what choices we make we all want the best for our families. Education is then key to ensure this happens.

So how did my get healthy journey start, from the girl that ate 3 or 4 white rolls at school everyday and wouldn’t think twice about drinking a whole litre of coke in one sitting at uni….Simple, the day it wasn’t just about me anymore! I was one of the skinny kids that society envied and as I was thin…thin meant healthy right!! Like the 99% fat free marshmallows we ate when we wanted to lose a little weight, we had been brainwashed about what healthy looks like. As a mother to two beautiful girls, one is like a racing hair pin and if she ate McDonalds, sweets and processed food everyday she would still look healthy to the outside world. My other beautiful daughter is actually at an advantage, because if she was to eat like this she would inevitably carry a lot of weight.

Who would of thought putting on far too much weight would be advantageous, but really it is as it tells you and the world your not healthy and your body is taking in to much fuel or not the right fuel and it’s turning it to fat. Were seeing younger and younger children diagnosed with food related illnesses and honestly this scares me.

Me on the other hand I had no obvious clues I was unhealthy as I looked healthy, (though my teenage skin was trying to tell me). The fact I was wearing size 6 jeans took precedence and instead of people advising me on my diet, people looked on with jealously of all I could consume without ever putting on ‘FAT’ and I too was grateful I could eat the same as my 6ft boyfriend (now husband).

My eldest daughter is now a very healthy 6 year old, a lot healthier than my 6 year old stick thin body. I want my daughters to want to thrive to be healthy not skinny, to know food is fuel and even when your eating the best fuel you must also move to ensure that fuel can pass through your body to give you the energy to live and enjoy life. I was running well behind time a few weeks ago and dinner wasn’t served till 6.30pm the girls are normally heading to bed at 7pm, so I got them both to put on their onesie’s and we had a walk around our neighbourhood (our neighbour’s no doubt thought there’s the crazy lane’s again). The girls thought it was great and it allowed me to show them that it’s important not only to eat well but to also move/live well. I would highly recommend a walk after dinner if time allows as it also gives me the pick me up I need to enjoy an evening with my husband, rather than falling asleep during our movie.

So in short I think the first thing we all need to do before we focus on new recipes, fitness regimes and the vast nutritional information available is remember this one simple point food is fuel and together with water is essential to our engines (bodies) as it will eventually let us know what we’ve been doing wrong, whether through excess weight gain or illness. I want healthy to be the new skinny, as healthy looks good and feels good. Don’t you agree????

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