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Lunchbox Inspiration….


I’m less than two weeks away from our school holidays, and I must admit i’m counting down the days till breakfast and lunch doesn’t have to be made and served up before 8.30am!! One handed cooks has some great ideas to inspire, whether you too are just days away from the last day of term or are just after some inspiration for lunch boxes tomorrow. I’d highly recommend downloading their 4 week lunchbox planner.

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“What are you eating?”

Probably one of the most commonly asked questions. Sounds simple enough and we can certainly answer simply enough. This is because the person asking the question is really asking for an overview only, a quick simple answer so they can identify what it is you’re eating. It’s a society acceptable answer.


Though for the sake of our health and that of future generations we need a more comprehensive answer and that is where the problem lies. It’s not that people what to be dishonest with you; the truth of it is they simply don’t know the answer. The saying, ‘ What you don’t know can’t hurt you’, isn’t true but it certainly allows us to continue in our daily lives without truly understanding or worrying about what we are putting into our bodies, till we get sick or over weight of course.

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