Lunchbox Inspiration….


I’m less than two weeks away from our school holidays, and I must admit i’m counting down the days till breakfast and lunch doesn’t have to be made and served up before 8.30am!! One handed cooks has some great ideas to inspire, whether you too are just days away from the last day of term or are just after some inspiration for lunch boxes tomorrow. I’d highly recommend downloading their 4 week lunchbox planner.

You should of course also check out ‘Our Neverland Kitchen’ lunchbox favourites.

White Lies White Chocolate and Caramel Ice-Cream omit the nuts for school lunches and add Cacao to give kids a real treat….Chocolate ice-cream at school 🙂


Neverland Sausage Rolls, these are a family favourite not just for the kids…

Neverland Orange and Tomato Meatballs, this mixture is very versatile. I make it with 1kg of meat so it can be many things…. Burgers, Spaghetti  bolognese, Sausage rolls, Lasagna. Don’t worry to much about the amounts or ingredients just use what you have in. I often mix up our Sausage roll recipe with this meatball recipe and simply use a mixture from both depending on what I have in.

TIP….Meal Plan

Whether your following someone else’s or scribbling down your own it’s priceless and stressless….

Something I should definitely do more off …. A very simple meal plan. On a Sunday I aim to jot down the girls lunches for the week and what we were eating for dinner… Simple but so effective. This would then help during my grocery shop late Sunday and everyday this week as I had already told myself what we were eating. So rather than stress about what we were having I simply had to look at my list and for those really exhausted days I simply follow one of  my go to recipe’s (i’m the biggest fan of Neverland Kitchen recipes) no thinking or input needed😜


Try it and see how such a simple task, reduces the Chaos and stress of meal times, and let me know how you go.The key to a stress free lunchbox is planning in its simplest form:

  • Monday – Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Tuesday – Sausage Rolls
  • Wednesday – Fish and Sweet Potato chips
  • Thursday – Chicken with Raw Veg
  • Friday – Leftovers

It’s that simple, of course the easiest lunchbox is leftovers….My number one tip…..ALWAYS make extra.


Check out these Square thermos lunch boxes, it keeps their food warm and allows you to set out food like you would on a plate….…

I also love the thermos brand, for keeping food warm or cold.

I hope in some small way I have helped take a little stress away from the task of lunchbox making.

Lots of Love Neverland Kitchen AKA Carly, Bella and Millie xxxx



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