Monthly Archives: December 2016

Glyphosate….What am I?

As I continue on my health journey to simply do better with mine and my family’s foods choices I realise education is everything. Education starts the conversation and rather than just accepting this is how I’ve been culturally programmed to eat and live, I need to ask ‘What’ and ‘What impact’ what I’m consuming as my fuel for life actually is.

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The benefits of being on an island….


We’re a few days into our summer holidays  and Neverland Kitchen has relocated to the  spectacular Morton Island, Tangalooma. I love this place and often drive my friends mad telling them so 😂. There is so many reasons to love this place but to stay on topic and to allow me to get back to getting lost in my thoughts while taking in its breathtaking beauty I’ll stick to just a few….

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Roasted Spiced Chicken with Orange and Roasted Vegetables.

This is a super easy recipe, I like to add spices but you can easily strip this recipe back to basics and omit the spices. I buy a large Organic chicken to ensure the best quality as it’s important to know and remember whatever the animal eats you also are eating. I would suggest finding a local organic butcher and looking out for specials. I also use the carcass to make bone broth to gain value for money and help justify the extra expense.

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