The benefits of being on an island….


We’re a few days into our summer holidays  and Neverland Kitchen has relocated to the  spectacular Morton Island, Tangalooma. I love this place and often drive my friends mad telling them so 😂. There is so many reasons to love this place but to stay on topic and to allow me to get back to getting lost in my thoughts while taking in its breathtaking beauty I’ll stick to just a few….

The main reason I love this place is there’s no where to rush too. Our family pace is slow and relaxed it’s takes us back to basics without westernised distractions. I am able to cook fresh and wholesome food without clock watching and the kids entertain themselves with their imaginations against one of the most beautiful backdrops our world has so nicely provided for us.

The western way of life is chaotic and I’m forever racing from one thing to another, I try to offset this habit by feeding my family well though I’m educated enough to know that stress is responsible for a lot of ill health, bad digestion and weight gain…

But that’s life and till we sell all our worldly goods and move to an island to live off the land this is our life. So I love the chance to remove all distractions and just be…. My only real job is to feed my herd and incase you didn’t know I love this ❤️❤️

My second reason for loving being on this island in our own villa is the only food anyone has easy access too has been personally selected by me… So no arguments as they can only snack on and eat the delicious fresh produce I pre-brought 🎉🎉. I just came back from a walk to find the girls chilling out eating some exquisite raspberries, they are beautifully sweet and fresh as they are of course in season. The best freshest food is always what’s in season, so always try and buy based on the seasons.

So in summary we’re relaxed stress free, eating as nature intended and we are all feeling great for it… Of course I have my beloved Thermomix with me, so not quite building fires 🔥 but as close to nature as my westernised self is happy with. 😂😂

Check out my healthy kids favourite treats to eat at home or on holiday as we are on our beautiful second home Morton Island..

White Lies Caramel Pancakes

White Lies White Chocolate and Caramel Ice-Cream

Caramel Balls


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