Let the Ingredients be your inspiration…

It’s simple real ingredients that make healthy & delicious meals it’s a little more effort but I promise you your body and whoever’s body you are feeding will thank-you in the long-term. The key to stress free cooking is limiting your options I personally find once I’ve made the decision what to cook the process is a lot less frantic. Too many options can overwhelm us, fill your fridge with fresh produce – fruit, vegetables and protein rich foods (fish, meat and legumes) and your pantry with your carbs and 1 ingredient packaged foods (2 as long as both are real foods).  If you’re using real fresh ingredients you can create easy quick meals with loads of flavour, as the title suggests ‘Let the ingredients be your inspiration’. 

It was getting towards 11am today and my 11 month old has lunch at 11.30am, so the oh so familiar feeling of overwhelm was setting in as I had nothing prepared and far too many options to help me think straight. I then opened my fridge and let the ingredients be my inspiration and within 10 to 15 minutes I was happily feeding my little girl her lunch….drama averted for today anyway…. One pot meals are great for busy mums a real timesaver and no fancy non natural ingredients are needed.

Ingredients used for today’s lunch:


Olive oil

Orange Juice – Freshly squeezed

Pear – peeled

Cinnamon Powder

Rice & Carrot – already cooked from yesterday’s lunch

Kitchen Utensils:




My pantry on the whole (excusing my husbands treats he hides at the back thinking I don’t know about them) is full of jars filled with wholefoods brought from an organic natural health and bulk food store and my package foods are exactly what they say they are in the description mainly 1 ingredient occasionally 2 but both ingredients recognisable as foods. If like me the whole packaged food industry is too complex to get your head around with their fancy marketing, I would highly recommend changing habits products as they are organic, sustainable, ethical and reliable real food products. Click on the picture below to check out their great range of products.


I really hope in my lifetime ingredients become ‘KING’ again and how an ingredient is grown, fed and stored becomes common knowledge and the main trigger in our buying decision. If we are dining out, I hope cheap ingredients can’t be sold as a premium meal no matter who the chef is as consumers will no longer pay for it. We can make real changes to the food industry by letting our money do the talking.

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