Neverland Kitchen is a place memories are made so excuse the mess and embrace the chaos. The idea was cooked up as a solution to my constant battle as a mum between playtime and feeding my family to fuel their bodies. This page has given me the opportunity to share my experiences with my daughters in the kitchen, whilst hopefully inspiring others to join us by posting their individual adventures in their own Neverland kitchen.

The page contains real food, healthy recipes and tips for you and your child, with a constant emphasis on play and fun. The aim is to create a community of like minded people that can share their fun tips and recipes for cooking in Neverland, a place children are children and adults can be too.

A common complaint among parents is a lack of time but in reality your children are fed everyday, so involve them whether its in grocery list writing, setting the table or mixing up ingredients. Involving children makes a chore a game as the outcome is the same, dinner will be served but the journey is just a lot more fun.

We can’t change time but we can change what we do with it. Neverland Kitchen has taught me to not see a messy kitchen but a room full of happy memories, as when you cook with kids there’s magic in every dish.

I’m passionate about feeding my children food to fuel their bodies for their adventures in and outside the kitchen. My end goal is for my children to understand the importance of real food and not just see food as a constant treat. I hope through play and education they can make the right food choices, when it’s their decision.

Neverland Kitchen, everyday real food for lunch boxes and family meals, Real food, Real Mess, Real Fun! It’s the Kitchen that never grows up.

Laughter is timeless, so cook with kids if your short on time.

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